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Which Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure is Right for You?

Discover the many ways our Tomball, TX, dentist can give you a beautiful smile. 

Has the New Year made you contemplate the different ways in which you can revamp and improve yourself? This is a 0721223001547503634.jpgpopular time for many patients to turn to our Tomball, TX, dentist, Dr. Heather Feray-Bohan, to find out which cosmetic dental treatment can give them their dream smile. Read on to learn more!

What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do For You

Cosmetic dentistry can be used to fix these common dental imperfections,

  • Stains and discolorations
  • Chips and cracks
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Minor crookedness or crowding

Cosmetic dentistry has the ability to correct just about any aesthetic dental issues you are having, whether it's relatively minor or painfully significant. From simple stains to complete tooth loss, our Tomball, TX, dentist has the expertise and treatments necessary to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Here are just some of the common cosmetic dental procedures that we offer:

  • Dental Bonding: By applying a tooth-colored resin over a tooth, we can easily hide minor flaws such as chips, cracks, discolorations, and gaps between teeth.
  • Gum Contouring: If you have an uneven gum line or a gummy smile we can easily remove excess tissue to reveal more of your teeth and to improve the symmetry of your smile.
  • Teeth Whitening: If you want to transform that yellow smile into a more radiant one, you can turn to our in-office whitening system (performed right here in our office) or our at-home whitening system (so you can whiten on your own time).
  • Porcelain Veneers: These porcelain shells are adhered to the front of teeth to hide imperfections both large and small. Veneers can make your smile more symmetrical, more ideally shaped, whiter, and straighter.
  • Dental Implants: If you are an adult who is dealing with tooth loss and looking for the most reliable and natural feeling replacement option, your best choice is a dental implant. This metal restoration is placed within the jawbone where it becomes a long-term restoration from which to support a false tooth or teeth.

Interested? Give us a Call!

Do you have questions about the different cosmetic dentistry options available to you from our Tomball practice? If so, then it’s the perfect time to sit down with us and discuss which cosmetic treatment would align perfectly with your smile goals. Call us at (281) 357-5002 today!

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